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Tune In To Credible Sources for Investing News

If you’re actively investing in mining stocks, you need to stay up to date on the latest market news. Of course, if you’re paying a broker to stay current with the latest mining news, gold market news, penny stock news, or whatever it is that you’re investing in, the need for an easily accessible and up to date news source is less urgent, but still might be of interest.

Personally, I tune in to several online sources for news from the market, many times a day. If you’re looking strictly for US or Canadian mining news, are interested in gold stock news, or any other niche, there are lots of great sources out there. The key is to find an outlet that makes it easy to access the stock information you need, like allowing you to register for email alerts, use their app, read their stories on social media platforms, or via other channels.

While I always recommend that people do their own due diligence, whether it’s regarding an investment or choosing a gold investment news source to follow, the following are worth checking out:


  • Tommy Humphreys’, a web-based junior mining community. brings together some of the best minds in the junior mining sector, such as James Kwantes, Brent Cook and Eric Coffin.
    • Junior Stock Review articles have been featured on and can be found by searching for @leni


  • How do you find out when insiders are buying and selling? Besides knowing someone that is in the “know” within the industry, I suggest visiting and opening a FREE online account with I believe you can track a maximum of 25 companies (for free), and they will email you when insider trading has occurred. Also, for a fee, you can purchase full insider buying reports for whichever company you like.



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